855 wreaths laid at Southwest Virginia Veterans Cemetery

Hundreds of families laid wreaths in honor of veterans who served our nation


This year’s holiday season is extra difficult for Sherry Trout-Van Dyke and her family.

“My mother-in-law just passed this April, so this is our first year without either one of them, especially with a 4-year-old little girl, because she never got to meet her papa,” Trout-Van Dyke said.

Together, the family laid wreaths at the fifth annual Wreath Laying at the Southwest Virginia Veterans Cemetery in Dublin.

“It's just a time to try and reconnect with them even though they're not here any longer,” Trout-Van Dyke said.

Keith Covey came to show his appreciation to the many military veterans even though he never knew them personally.

“The placement of these wreaths is just symbolic of our appreciation,” Covey said.

Covey, who is also a veteran and served during the Cold War, recognizes them as heroes who served the nation willingly.

“And knowingly. Some of them lost their lives in combat, and some of them lost their lives from combat in later years; it's just an honor to do this,” Covey said.

For several hours, families, veterans and volunteers walked across the cemetery to lay all 855 wreaths.