Roanoke church celebrates 125 years

ROANOKE, Va. – Saint John's Episcopal Church marked its 125th anniversary Sunday at the corner of Jefferson Street and Elm Avenue in downtown Roanoke.

Churchgoers, who participate in activities such as community dinners and classes on history at the church, said that over time, they've remained true to their values.     

The reverend said that, at the core, the church is all about reaching out to the community.    

"What’s interesting to us is that continuity. Think about the history of our nation over 125 years, that this church has gone through two World Wars and the Great Depression, civil rights movement, and through all those struggles, they found a way to be together, and to bring joy and light into the world about them. And that's who we are today as well," Eric Long, a rector, said.

The church will also hold events next week to honor the anniversary.