Lynchburg Fire Department launches CPR app to help save lives

Pulse Point app notifies bystanders when someone is in cardiac arrest

LYNCHBURG, Va. – First responders in Lynchburg are working to save lives with a new app. The fire department recently adopted a smartphone app called Pulse Point that notifies bystanders when someone is in cardiac arrest. Anyone with the app, who is within a quarter mile of the patient, would receive a notification to come help. The app also tells you the nearest AED location and gives step by step directions. 

"Getting CPR is critical in the survival of that patient. The faster you can get what we call by stander CPR on the patient you can get on them and start the compressions. The better their chances of surviving the event,” said Fire Chief Brad Ferguson.

You don't even need to be CPR certified, just trained, the idea is that doing something is better than doing nothing at all.

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