10 News political analyst reacts to Roy Moore defeat

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – As reactions to Roy Moore's defeat continue across the country, 10 News is speaking with its own Political Analyst Dr. Ed Lynch about the political climate.

Lynch says he expected Doug Jones to win but by a bigger margin. According to Lynch, President Donald Trump making a push for controversial candidate Moore was a mistake. With Trump's popularity on the decline, more people likely reacted negatively than positively to his involvement. 

"They had all these horrible allegations coming out. It was the only election, which meant that a lot of outside money could come in. Doug Jones should have won this thing by about 10 points and it ended up being a nail biter. That part surprised me," said Lynch. 

While this is a victory for Democrats, Lynch says in the near future, Democrats still have seats to defend in the Senate, and six of those are in heavily Republican states, including West Virginia.