Virginia Tech students help take extra food to local non-profits

Campus Kitchen recruiting volunteers during study breaks

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Students at Virginia Tech are taking a break from studying to help feed people in need.

As the end of the semester draws near, campus dining halls have a lot of extra food they won't be able to serve. So the campus kitchen has recruited extra volunteers to come in and help package the surplus food to deliver to local non-profits that feed people in need.

About 30 students are volunteering time during their study breaks.

"Our dining facilities are giving us over 1,000 pounds of food sometimes, and we're taking that to a community partner, and that is a lot of food. But they're certainly appreciative of it because going up to the holidays, they're also closed for a certain period of time, and so their guests aren't receiving food as regularly, and so they can take more home with them," Campus Kitchen graduate assistant Lester Schonberger said.

Volunteers this month will divert more than 2,000 pounds of food to local non-profits.