Danville City Jail addiction rehab program reaches milestone

Four participants graduated from program's aftercare segment Monday

DANVILLE, Va. – An addiction rehab program in Southside is celebrating a milestone.

Four former Danville City Jail inmates officially graduated from the aftercare portion of the program and were recognized in court Monday.

The four were the first group to graduate. One person had previously graduated.

Inmates must go through rehab while in jail and then more rehab once they get out.

The program started in 2016.

Program director Christyn Swinney said the graduation is a rewarding experience.

"This program helps the individual to gain the recovery tools and education that are necessary to live a recovery lifestyle and maintain long-term sobriety and-or clean time," Swinney said.

There are currently 10 people in the aftercare portion of the program and 10 inmates going through the in-jail portion. 

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