Fincastle proposes expansion of tiny town boundaries

The expansion plans were unveiled at a public meeting Tuesday night

FINCASTLE, Va. – Fincastle's history dates back to the 1700s, but now, the town is hoping to write a new chapter by redrawing boundaries.

The tiniest town in southwest Virginia is hoping to grow. A proposed expansion plan was introduced at a public meeting Tuesday night. Town officials are eyeing the expansion in an effort to have more control over the business and infrastructure in Fincastle, as well as attracting more residents into one of the most historic towns in the country. 

"I'm excited about the town growing bigger. I think it's a wonderful little town and I think it's a wonderful thing to get bigger and improve," said Sandra Wolfe, who lives just outside the town limits.

While Sandra Wolfe attended the meeting to show her support, some Botetourt County residents showed up with questions -- the main one being...will county residents pay more taxes if the boundaries change and Fincastle becomes their new home. 

"If there's no addition in taxes, I have no problem with the expansion," said Pete Adamson, a Botetourt County resident.

Fincastle's mayor says the expansion won't affect taxes. 

"A lot of things won't change but what will change is that you'll have a direct voice in what happens in the community you call home," said Mary Bess Smith, the mayor of Fincastle.

Right now, the town of Fincastle covers about 150 acres. With the proposed expansion, the town's boundaries would grow to cover more than 1,000 acres. 

"We recognize that growth is coming our way and what we're trying to do is foster an environment where that growth and development can be done in concert with the historic nature of the town," Smith said. 

Tuesday's meeting was just the start of figuring out the future of Fincastle. In January, the town will host a public hearing, followed by a hearing hosted by the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors. In the end, Botetourt County will decide whether the historic town will stay tiny or take a new shape.