Transportation Security Administration lists ways to make flying less stressful

Ways to make flying less stressful this holiday season

Holiday travel
Holiday travel (FreeImages.com/chobi capeta)

ROANOKE – More than six million people are expected to fly for the Christmas holiday.  

The Transportation Security Administration has five way to make your time in the airport a little less stressful.

 It recommends getting to the airport early, as more people will be in the airport.

Use your time wisely in the security checkpoint line.  Remove your large electronics from your carry-on and remove things from your pockets.  Also, finish your drink or bring an empty water bottle you can fill up in the secure area.

If you are traveling with gifts, don't wrap them in case they need to be inspected.  

Traveling with food is okay, unless its spreadable or pourable.  Then it must be under 3.4 ounces.  

Pack smart and make sure you don't have any prohibited items in your bags.