DAD offers a free technique class to women in the area

ROANOKE, Va. –  Domestic Abuse Disruption, also known as DAD, is a local nonprofit in our area offering free services for women who want to learn how to protect themselves in dangerous situations.

The organization also gives assistance to domestic violence abuse victims and survivors who are looking for a way out.

President and co-founder of DAD, Trey Gregory says that the CHEAT technique class is not your typical self-defense or exercise course.

CHEAT class attendee Shelley Sykes says that she has taken other courses but none of them compare. 

“The class uses very simple everyday items that you may have in your purse and a very easy specific technique," said Sykes.
Domestic Abuse Disruption is a volunteer organization and funded through donations.

It uses the money to fund cab rides, moving vans, groceries and everything that a domestic violence victim may need after leaving.

They pride themselves on dealing with abusers in a non-physical manner.

This group gives families the unconditional support they need while putting their lives back together. To learn more about the DAD free services click here, or to donate follow this link.