Henry County man wins $1 million lottery jackpot

Aubrey Smith presented with ceremonial check Thursday

HENRY COUNTY, Va. – A Henry County man is $1 million richer.

On Thursday morning, Aubrey Smith received his ceremonial check from the Virginia Lottery.

Not only did it come just a few days before Christmas, it also came one day after his birthday.

He won the Bank a Million game after buying a ticket on Dec. 2 from the Bizzy Bee gas station on Figsboro Road in Henry County.

He plans to give some of the money away, but doesn't have any plans for the rest of the money.

"We're going to kind of take it slow and easy. The good Lord's going to get the first 10 percent," Smith said. "A certain amount goes to the schools. I said, 'Whether I win or lose, maybe they won't raise my taxes so we can build more schools.'"

The gas station received $10,000 from the Virginia Lottery for selling the winning ticket.

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