Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center treats injured Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle was found in Chilhowie


Uncommonly seen up close, a Golden Eagle is receiving treatment for injuries at a local wildlife center in Roanoke.

The Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center received the Golden Eagle around 11 a.m. Saturday. Executive Director Sabrina Garvin said the eagle was found in Chilhowie on Plum Creek in a field surrounded by cattle. Workers on the farm noticed the eagle, safely captured it and contacted the Department of Game an Inland Fisheries, Garvin said.

Garvin live-streamed the initial checkup on Facebook.

Because raptors like the eagle are required to be handled by specially permitted wildlife rehabbers only, DGIF brought the eagle to the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center for treatment from veterinary staff. It’s unclear what type of injuries the eagle has, but Garvin says it appears to have an injured wing. Garvin said the bird appeared to be lying on the ground for some time. X-Rays and more testing is being done to determine specifics about the birds injury and how to best treat it.

As 10 News first reported, the arrival comes just one day after the center received a $55,000 grant to build a flight pen to be able to provide long-term care to large birds like the eagle. Read more and find out how to help here.

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