Uber, Lyft drivers in Danville not expecting to be busy for New Years holiday

This is first New Years holiday companies will be available in Danville


DANVILLE, Va.Uber and Lyft drivers in Danville are not expecting to be extra-busy this weekend as people celebrate the New Years holiday.

This is the first New Year's Eve holiday in Danville for the ride-share services.

Both companies started operating there in September.

One driver 10 News spoke to said he believes many people still don't know that the companies are there.

But, he said, based on what he's seen in other areas, the services will likely get busier.

He was an Uber and Lyft driver in Greensboro, North Carolina, before the companies came to Danville.

"It took a few months for it to really take hold, but once it did, it just exploded," the driver said.

People can also preschedule rides, but he said he has not had anyone preschedule a ride in preparation for celebrating the New Year's holiday.

"Most of the time (people preschedule rides), it's for doctor's appointments," he explained.

He hopes requests for rides will increase as more people sign up to become drivers in Danville.



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