Mechanic offers tips for keeping your car from breaking down in the cold

One Southside business stays busy as people try to get their cars prepared

DANVILLE, Va. – Car mechanics have some tips to help reduce the chance of your car breaking down in this cold weather.

Lawrence Woodson, owner of the Marathon service center on Riverside Drive in Danville, said to let your car warm up a little longer than unusual.

Also, Woodson said to make sure your antifreeze is full and designed to handle the extreme cold.

Finally, he said, test your battery and check your belts and hoses for signs that they may be worn out, and make sure you have good wiper blades.

Woodson said he has been busy as people try to get all of this done.

"A lot of people see the weather temperature and they start panicking a little bit more than usual. So yeah, we're getting antifreeze checks, pulled a few batteries, checking charging systems, and getting everybody prepared," Woodson said.

The National Safety Council also offers tips for winter car care.