Mother Nature leaves behind beautiful but dangerous winter wonders

City officials advise community be careful traveling through Hollins Mill Tunnel

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Despite the wind and sub-zero temperatures getting a glimpse of Blackwater Creek is worth getting out of your warm car. 

“We're looking forward to warming up, but this was worth stopping to see in person,” Meredith Khan said.

Icicles streaming into Lynchburg’s Blackwater Creek, is capturing everyone's eye. 

“So, this morning, I said, 'Hey, I would come down and photograph this one to see the waterfall before it melts.' I got some good shots and I'll post it this afternoon,” Robert Copelan, a photographer, said. 

Less than a mile on the other side of Hollins Mill Park is the Hollins Tunnel, looking more like a “Tunnel of Terror.”

"It looked like the floor was frozen and there were icicles hanging from the entrance. I wouldn't recommend running through it real fast,” Copelan said.

The city's parks and recreation is reiterating that sentiment, take caution. For now, they've reopened the tunnel, but it's "use at your own risk." The city has even put down slag, a sand mix, to help with friction and traction for those who choose to run through the passage. 

For the Garcia family, who were visiting Lynchburg from Florida and wants to move to the Hill City, the winter wonders are a sight to behold.

“It's beautiful, yeah,” Charlene Garcia said. Her husband Mauro Garcia, added, “Yeah, you don't get this in Florida.”

“No, not at all. This is why we want to move up here,” said Charlene.