Homestead-opened earlier this year and is making artificial snow with help of cold weather

The cold weather has been brutal for some people,and hasn't made much natural snow, but that hasn’t stopped The Omni Homestead Resort.  

The resort is taking full advantage of the cold and is making its own snow. Sheila Carmichael, a guest at the Homestead, said that everyone would enjoy the activities. 

“I am all for artificial snow if it means I get to go skiing,” said Carmichael.  
It takes 1 million gallons of water to make enough snow to turn the Homestead into a winter wonderland.

That's enough water to fill 1.5 Olympic-size pools. The resort uses several snow machines to get the job done.

Director of recreation Matt Fussell said that with this weather, it only takes up to three days for the machines to cover the slopes.

“What we have are these machines that push water through and they have huge turbulence fans and, as the water comes out, they break into small molecules and particles and freezes,” said Fussell.

"It will last longer than a natural snowflake.” The resort usually takes 60 inches of artificial snow to cover the resort, but because of the cold weather, it only takes 40 inches to cover it for activities such as tubing. 

Snowmobiles are available this week, along with tubing, and there are also ski lessons for children as well and indoor activities.

“Even if you are not on the mountain skiing, there is a lot of activities to do,” said Kristen Koch, a guest at the Homestead.