Puppies reportedly found abandoned in Pittsylvania County were not really abandoned

Puppies brought to Danville Area Humane Society Tuesday

DANVILLE, Va. – Many of you have been asking about puppies that were reportedly abandoned at a dumpster in Pittsylvania County.

The puppies were brought to the Danville Area Humane Society Tuesday.

According to the humane society's director, the person who brought them in said they found them at a dumpster in Ringgold.

According to a post on the humane society's Facebook page, however, on Thursday the owner of the puppies called the humane society and explained that the puppies were given to a friend to take to the humane society after the puppies' mother stopped feeding them.

The owner and friend were worried that the puppies would not be accepted, so they made up the story about the puppies being abandoned.

The puppies are now up for adoption.