Local company installs heating unit for elderly woman free of charge

Callaway woman lived in home with broken heater until now

CALLAWAY, Va. – Josephine Yopp's old heating unit has been out of commission for years.

“I've been out of heat for about three years,” Yopp, of Callaway, said.

Due to financial hardships, Yopp wasn't able to replace the broken heating system on her own.

“I'm on a low-income disabilities, and I just have no way to get it fixed,” Yopp said.

Until Saturday, she has been spending hundreds of dollars trying to keep herself and her tiny dog, CoCo warm, using multiple space heaters.

“It made my light bill like $500 a month,” Yopp said.

When owner Ted Puzio of Southern Trust Home Services heard about Yopp's situation, he and his crew decided to give her a new heating unit, free of charge.

“I want to give back to the community. I was blessed years ago by people, so I want to give back,” Puzio said.

Yopp was shocked.

“It's just unreal! They called and said they were coming. It was just a blessing,” Yopp said.

Now Yopp can feel warm without the high bills and tangled cords inside her house.

Southern Trust Home Services provided the inside unit with the help of Highland United Methodist church and Lennox.