Officer-involved shooting leaves neighbors shaken

Church attendees nearby deadly shooting left shaken


Linda Robertson of Danville discovered the deadly shooting on her way to church services Sunday morning.

“One of our members came in and told us what happened. She was late this morning. It was real sad," Robertson said.

Danville police officers responded to a home on Halifax Road where a woman inside said a man was firing a gun at her.

Police said 54-year old Richard Towler who owns the home fired at them through the front door.

Towler came out shooting more rounds. One of the officers returned fire, killing Towler.

Robertson and others who attended the Fellowship Baptist Church were shaken.

“It was mentioned in our service this morning and in our prayers,” Robertson said.

According to police, the body of 38-year old Crystal Averett of Danville was found inside the home.

Robertson is not only concerned for the surrounding neighbors, but also for her own family's safety.

"There's evil in so many places, and I have grandkids that I'm concerned for, and so many loved ones," Robertson said.

Both the officer-involved shooting and the homicide remain under investigation.