Carilion sees 600 flu cases so far this season

ROANOKE, Va. – Doctors want people who haven't gotten a flu shot to get one as local cases continue to rise.

According to Carilion Clinic, staff has seen 600 cases of the flu, which is in line with last year's numbers. 

As we've reported, the Centers for Disease Control found that 46 states have seen widespread activity. While the flu shot doesn't cover all strains, doctors say it can make a big difference. 

"I would encourage people to get it, one, to not get the flu and, two, if they still get it to keep from getting very ill from it," said Dr. Thomas Kerkering, chief of infectious diseases for Carilion Clinic.

If you are thinking about getting the flu shot, time is critical. It usually takes about two weeks for it to be effective.