Legendary Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame

HILLSVILLE, Va. – A local legend is being honored with a place in the College Football's Hall of Fame, and that is none other than coach Frank Beamer.  

The love for Beamer runs deep not just in Blacksburg, but in Hillsville Virginia where Beamer is from. Many in this town know Beamer or have some tie to him or his legacy at Virginia Tech.

Jennifer Sowers, an alum of Virginia Tech, says Beamer has put her small town on the front stage.

“Coach Beamer went to school with my mom, who both graduated from Hillsville High School,” said Sowers. “He has brought fame and recognition to the school and Blacksburg and Caroll County.”

Fans can catch Beamer Monday night during the coin toss for the college football national championship game, at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. 

Back here in Hillsville, his community will be watching with pride and they say he deserves it.

Hillsville Mayor Greg Crowder says that "Coach Beamer is the George Washington of the program and he is the guy to that put it on the map."

“The big thing is, Frank comes from a small town and modest upbringing, and it gives people from here hope that you can do whatever you want to do and follow your dreams,” said Crowder. “Work hard and it will come true.”

And those words of hope are just what Grace Dickerson is believing in as she prepares to begin her college career.

“It's great that coming from a small town that you can still make it and he's done a lot for this town,” said Dickerson.