Lynchburg Humane Society takes in hound dogs from Rockbridge County case

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The Lynchburg SPCA along with other shelters in the area were called to help roughly 60 hound dogs needing immediate attention from a home in Rockbridge County.

Lynchburg's rescue mission began today with a total of six dogs. Executive director of the Lynchburg Humane Society, Makena Yarbrough, says that three of the puppies are recovering in their intensive care unit. 

“They have been living in unsanitary conditions,” said Yarbrough, “They have burns and sores on them from living in fecal matter and urine burning.”

Yarbrough says the dogs are currently on antibiotics now, but are expected to recover over the next few weeks. Despite the rough start for these little guys, it is not the end, thanks to help from the local animal organizations and a potential adopting family.

Yarbrough said the owner of these dogs willingly gave them up, and was unable to care for them. 
There are more dogs on the property and additional rescue missions are underway. This case is still under investigation. 

“When you adopt or buy any animal there is always a risk of some sort of medical condition down the road,” said Yarbrough. After receiving the necessary treatment some of these hounds will be eligible for adoption in the next upcoming weeks.