Roanoke reflects on road treatments after icy conditions

ROANOKE, Va. – It was an icy end to that record tying cold snap with several crashes across the region in the last 24 hours.

Travel Monday night around Roanoke was rough.

We had multiple reports of accident -- cars sliding into ditches, three people, including a firefighter, were actually taken to the hospital after one crash. And even Tuesday morning, the roads and especially sidewalks were icy. 

We spoke with the city about how they handled the slippery situation. They tell us three trucks were out Monday putting salt brine on roads. They had four crews overnight and then early Tuesday morning, they brought in more crews so they could hit all the neighborhoods. 

"Last night was unique in the sense that we had a lot of spots that were icy and a lot of spots that weren't icy. So we tried to identify those spots and figuring out how best to work those areas is a real challenge," said Mark Jamison, transportation division manager for the city of Roanoke. 

We also spoke with Lynchburg about their efforts. The city had crews out Monday treating the roads and overnight monitoring the roads. The city reported minor accidents.