C-SPAN bus stops at Blacksburg High School and congratulates its student video winners

BLACKSBURG,Va. – Blacksburg High School students were chosen from a select few to experience the C-SPAN bus program thanks to two sisters with a passion for storytelling.

Two of those students, are eighth grader Ava and 10th grader Mia Lazar. The sisters have a devotion for documentaries and thought-provoking topics in our country.

They are two-time winners of the C-SPAN student cam completion and have earned $8,000 in prize money. 

"We really love applying, because we really learn a lot and talk about issues that we really care about,” Mia Lazar said. ”C-SPAN is incredible and lets us find our voice."

  These sisters are among the thousands of students who have experienced the $1.2 million dollar classroom, which is filled with fun learning activities.     

Ava and Mia's student cam documentary titled, "Tempest Tossed", use their voices to speak about the refugees and the immigration debate in our country. Mia Lazar says that immigration holds a special place in her family’s heart. 

"Both of our grandparents were refugees from Hungary and Romania”, said Ava Lazar. “They fled from World War II; our grandfather actually had to jump off of a moving train to escape communism.”

Along with their classmates, the sisters were given a demonstration of what C-SPAN resources and tools are available for them on the bus and online. 

 “A lot of these students are at the age where they will be voting and making decisions for themselves,” said C-SPAN marketing representative Ndidi Obasi. “It’s important for them to understand what the lawmakers are saying in D.C. and what they are saying on their behalf. 

The Lazars plan for a three-peat in this year's student cam competition. The deadline for all students interested in applying is Jan.18. For more information on the Student Cam Competition follow this link here.