Carilion Clinic offers free drug deactivation kit

New take-home drug disposal kit offered to patients, community members

ROANOKE, Va. – It's a take-home drug deactivation kit designed to deactivate unused medication inside your own home.

“People's schedules are busy. We just want to make it as easy as possible,” Franklin County Sheriff Bill Overton said.

Carilion Clinic, along with several law agencies, hope this environmentally friendly kit will help reduce substance abuse.

 Healthcare outreach advocate Tyler Lee, of Carilion Clinic, says the kit is easy to use.

“Place all the medicine into the kit. Add about a half a cup of water. Zip the kit back up. Just throw in the trash. Everything at that point is biodegradable,” Lee said.

There are plenty of kits to go around and they are available for anyone in the community who need them.

 “We have well over 15,000 bags, and we intend to get more if need be,” Lee said.