Danville city council set to vote on naming city's library after former mayor, educator

Library will be named in honor of Rubie Archie

DANVILLE, Va. – The library in Danville is getting a name.

At the Danville city council meeting on Tuesday, council members are expected to vote to name the library in honor of Rubie Archie.

Archie was a mayor, vice mayor and educator in Danville.

This will be the first time the library is named after someone.

The library will also be the first building in the city to be named after a woman.

Other buildings are named after men.

Citizens have been asking the city to name the library in Archie's honor.

City Councilman Lee Vogler headed the committee that looked into naming the library after Archie.

He said this is a great step for the city.

 "We think that that certainly is inspiring to young girls, but to anybody, really, to go after what you believe in and make a difference in your community," Vogler said.

New signs are expected to go up at the library in the spring.

A plaque detailing Archie's contributions to the city will be placed in the library.


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