Dog rescued from frozen pond in Henry County

Drone used to corral dog towards rescuers on the shore

HENRY COUNTY, Va. – When employees at the King's Grant senior living community were notified about this dog -- trapped on a frozen pond Tuesday -- they knew they had to help the animal.

Rodney Taylor immediately called the county's animal control department.

"First reaction is, 'What do we do now?' The dog is out in the middle. We're not prepared for this type of thing. How long is the dog going to be in the middle before they break through the ice," Taylor said.

Henry County Sheriff's Office animal control officer Chris Price said this situation was a first for him.

"Every now and again, the dog would make its way towards the shore, but it was very hesitant about jumping onto the shore," Price explained.

Price said the dog is old and can't see or hear well.

Ironic, then, that it would get trapped on a pond at a senior living community.

"My first thought was to maybe make some type of ramp so it didn't actually have to step up," Price said.

The maintenance staff used a piece of plywood as the ramp.

"We thought, 'Hey, why not put a piece of plywood out and make a little ramp for the dog so she could walk on over?' Unfortunately, that's not the plan the dog had," Taylor said, standing next to the piece of plywood.

Price said the dog seemed to like that even less than trying to walk on the ice.

By that time, other sheriff's deputies had arrived with a drone.

One of the deputies used it to corral the dog into a cove.

"He just kind of kept (the dog) back in that area until we could get the rope out there to push (the dog) towards the bank," Price said.

After the rescue, a picture of the dog was posted to the sheriff's office's Facebook page.

Someone recognized the dog and the dog has since been reunited with its owner.

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