VMI cadets prepare for special march in governor's inaugural parade

Lexington, Va

This year VMI cadets will have a little extra pep in their step as they march their way through the streets of Richmond at the 2018 inauguration.

Thursday’s gray and gloomy weather couldn’t phase the VMI Corps of Cadets as they put in even more practice hours before Saturday’s inaugural parade.

The goal - make sure all 1,600 members are in step.

“We brought the corps back about four or five days early. We've been doing practice parades and uniform inspections and hair appearance inspections to make sure everybody looks good to go,” explained Kate Dixon, S3 Regimental Lieutenant.

Kate Dixon is just one of the leaders making sure Virginia Military Institute is represented well on the statewide stage. Especially since the governor elect, Ralph Northam, is an alum.

“I think with a VMI graduate being the governor elect I think it makes us want to prepare ourselves more not that we aren't already squared away, but I think it makes us want to focus on the little details,” explained Drum Major, Caleb Baldwin.

New this year, the Band Company is memorizing its music for a more clean and crisp performance.

“There's also going to be a lot of alumni there and they're going to be up close watching us march, so we want to make sure we not only look good for the governor but look good for all of the alumni out there supporting us, explained Benjamin Dixon, Regimental Sergeant Major.

As the largest performer in the parade, the Corps will certainly draw attention and they hope it's for all the right reasons.

“It shows the type of student or cadet the VMI produces that every single one of the 1,600 they're all in step they all look the same, they all wear their uniform properly I think it's a testament to the training and education we get here VMI,” said Kate Dixon.

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