Women's business show at Ballast Point draws record number of vendors

Women Rock Botetourt draws in nearly 50 vendors this year



For the second year in a row, the turnout at a women's business show was a big success.

Women Rock Botetourt, held at Ballast Point, attracted nearly 50 vendors--more than double the number of vendors last year.

Participants included Big Lick Boomerang, Elevating Your Image and Green Designs.

Several vendors and guests said they liked the unique aspect of a smaller business show with just local women.

“It has be great. I had a lot of customers come by. A lot of people I talked to had not heard of my business until now,” said Dana Long, licensee of Plant Nite.

“I'm very excited. The vendors really brought out everything with their products and decor. They way they decorated their booths was just beautiful,” said Lee Minnix, owner of Sunshine Services.

Minnix said nearly 200 women attended show, and they are already making plans for Women Rock Botetourt 2019.