Two weeks into new year, how are you keeping up with new year's resolutions?

Hundreds go on power walk in downtown Roanoke


We all know that new year's resolutions can be a great opportunity for self-improvement, however big or small the goal may be.

“I'm getting off the couch and that was the plan,” Kimberly Williams, a Roanoke resident said.

But how long do these new year’s resolutions last?

Patrick Boas was among hundreds in downtown Roanoke Sunday going on a power walking as part of their goals for 2018.

“It's going pretty well, our new year's resolutions was to do more adventures. This is one of them,” Boas said.

Another popular goal is trying to quit smoking.

Manager Samuel Meyer of Cloud Nine Vape Shop said he's seeing more customers coming in since the start of the new year.

“Business has picked up a lot just because people want to quit. I'm seeing five to 10 new customers a day,” Meyer said.

This year, the FDA is launching a new public education campaign to encourage adult smokers trying to quit.

Whatever your goals may be, Stevens who has lost 50 pounds in the past several months said perseverance is key

“It can be easy to kind of fall back into that route of sitting down watching TV and you're not really doing anything,” Stevens said.