Lynchburg police, faith leaders look to neighbors for leads in Jordan Keyes' death

The 18-year-old was shot, killed in front of his family's home on Taylor Street

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Lynchburg police are still looking for answers in the deadly shooting of a Heritage High School student. 

Several blocks down the road from the home where Jordan Keyes' life was cut short, more than a dozen people gathered at Living Word Ministries on Monday. 

"We try our best to be an ownership in our neighborhood. Yeah, it was heavy on our hearts because it was so close to the ministry," Pastor James Camm said. 

Faith leaders and police officers were given maps of the block and went back into the community to see what answers they could find. 

"Yes, absolutely. Leads. That's one of the reasons why we're out there in the neighborhood-- to see if we can get some information. Maybe somebody saw something. Maybe there's a camera on somebody's house that we didn't know about," Sgt. Jeff Rater said. 

Lynchburg police asked the media to not go with them while they canvassed the area, for fear that people would be hesitant to speak to them. 

"We kind of just wanted you guys not to be there because people may be afraid to come forward. There's also a trust issue. So if the media's there, (it) may be to some people sort of political," Rater said. 

Organizers say it was successful and their presence showed the community that people care. 

"More of the neighbors were comfortable with us, as the clergy, and it gave them the ability to feel that they could share any information, because we do want whoever who is responsible for this to get caught," Camm said.

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