Crews struggled to get to fire that burned house to the ground

Bedford home burned to ground as firefighters struggle through steep terain

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. – A Bedford house burned to the ground during the height of Wednesday morning's winter storm.

Fire crews say the biggest struggle for them was getting to the fire due to steep terrain and treacherous road conditions.

“The roads were treacherous to say the least, so it backed us up by about 15 minutes,” firefighter Brad Creasy of the Bedford Fire Department said.

By the time the fire trucks arrived on scene, crews said it was too late to save the house.

“It was a total loss,” Creasy said.

Fire crews said the owners were inside the home when the fire broke out.

There were no hydrants near the rural home, so fire crews improvised and pulled water from a nearby frozen pond.

While the investigation is ongoing, Creasy said the cause of the fire is most likely a heating lamp being used to keep baby chickens warm.