Domino's delivery staying busy during winter weather

ROANOKE, Va. – Kevin Shaw is a franchise owner of Domino's Pizza. Shaw usually spends his days in the office, but on days like Wednesday, he is in the car, hard at work delivering pizzas around Roanoke. 

"A lot of people don't realize that, in the delivery business, when the weather is bad, we get really busy," said Shaw.

When winter weather hits, it is all hands on deck at Domino's. The stores take a lot of orders and they're mostly deliveries. 

"It's incredible. Our sales go up 100 to 200 percent. Our online orders are through the roof," said Shaw.

Shaw said delivery drivers are prepared to spend a lot of time on the roads when there is snow in the forecast. But if a driver doesn't feel safe venturing out on slick roads, they can always stay inside and help prep the pizzas instead. Harry Meeker is working inside Wednesday, but you just never know when you might get the call.

"We just got to put our heads down and keep going. It will stop eventually. Just got to get the pizzas out and get them to the customers," said Meeker.

Something new this year, Domino's is actually partnering with Montgomery County Public Schools to sponsor their snow days.