Blind Montgomery County dog gets help from sonar device

BLACKSBURG, Va.- – A blind dog sets his sights on independence. He's getting a little help from a local man who created and donated a special collar for the black Lab.

CJ usually gets around inside his home OK without bumping into walls or furniture.

He has a condition with his eyes causing blindness. Kristina Toufectis and her family met the dog at the Montgomery County Animal Care and Adoption Center and knew right away they had to take him home.

"Oh my Gosh, he gorgeous. Walked in the first thing he did was lean up against me and ask for pats. He was amazing and I fell in love," said Toufectis. 

He was sent home with this special device called a BlindSight S-2. It hangs from his collar. 

It helps him navigate to places or things he can't always see. One of those places is talking a walk to the park.

"Off the leash he follows us more closely. On the leash he wanders cause he knows we are looking out for him."     
Paul Propst created the device used by CJ who was one of the first dogs at the center to use it. 
"They said, 'Hey, this guy will give you free sonar for this dog.' So, they told me and we did it," said Paul Propst.  

His invention comes in different models and sells all over the world through his company JordyCanid to help blind dogs.

"They make a very special sound that as it reflects off surfaces allows a dog to navigate like a dolphin," said Propst. 

As for CJ, his family says he is always confident with or without wearing the device.

"He's out with the kids. He's going around the park. All around it doesn't seem to effect him," said Toufectis.