Restaurant Week kicks off in downtown Roanoke

Brunch, lunch and dinner deals available

ROANOKE, Va. – Manager Robin Campbell, of Billy's Restaurant, has high hopes for Restaurant Week.

“Restaurant Week gives us that extra boost in sales that we might need, especially since business is slow in January,” Campbell said.

Just a few hours into Friday morning, customers were already heading to downtown restaurants checking out special deals.

“I'm going to have a chipotle chicken sandwich,” Jennifer Munsey, a customer at Billy’s said.

Munsey believes it's important to frequent local restaurants. 

“We want to support Billy’s and the other restaurants here because it's important for our day-to-day office life,” Munsey said.

While Restaurant Week is just getting started, Campbell is pleased with Friday’s turnout.

“It's going really well. We've already seen dozens and dozens of guests coming in, so we're really excited,” Campbell said.

Restaurant Week continues through Jan. 28.

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