Thousands crowded Elmwood Park for Women's March

Keynote speaker Danielle Belton of The Root shares powerful message


Hours before the Women's March kicked off in Roanoke, thousands of people crowded Elmwood Park.

“I have a daughter. I want her to have opportunities to learn new things and feel safe to explore in a place that allows her to be who she wants to be,” Malvona Ross-Sohl, a participant at the march.

“Women have all sorts of issues and interest in politics and orientation. I think the general point would just be solidarity. There's a lot of stuff going on today,” said Jordan Fallon, who came in support of women.

Keynote speaker Danielle Belton, a voice of black feminism and managing editor of The Root, summed up her message, “We shouldn't have a system where people have to overcome so much just to get to the American dream.”

Regina York, who attended last year's march, said she has been fighting for women’s rights since the '70s.

I’m here for my grandchildren and for all the young girls today who don't know that they can lose their rights so easily,” York said.

While York was excited about today's march, she also had mixed feelings about what the future looks like for our nation.

“I am frustrated. I detest what's happened this year. We need to get rid of Trump. This past year has been disastrous,” York said.

This Women's March was one of hundreds happening across the United States Saturday.