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Delegate Hurst talks transportation in front to packed house at town hall event

Hurst returns to Blacksburg first time since being sworn in as delegate

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Chris Hurst has returned to Blacksburg's 12th district for the first time since he was sworn in.

“I felt it's important for folks to know what’s going on during the legislative session,” Hurst said.

Hurst spoke to a packed crowd at the Blacksburg Public Library focussing on one major topic, transportation.

In order to figure out how to ease congestion on Interstate 81, Hurst stressed the importance of collecting more data.

“We also need to focus on how to improve driver habits and driver performance,” Hurst said.

 He also expressed a need for more truck stops.

“If you go to any rest area after dark, you see trucks that are completely filling our rest stops,” Hurst said.

He told the crowd that he plans to make Interstate 81 a major point of funding.

“There's a lot of different ways we might get to tackle that, but it's going to require a unified effort,” Hurst said.