President Trump supporters assess positives, negatives of his first year

People in Bedford weigh in ahead of the State of the Union Address

BEDFORD, Va. – As President Donald Trump gets ready for Tuesday night's State of the Union address, people in southwest Virginia are reacting to his first year in office.

Many people in the town of Bedford who voted for President Trump say he’s doing a good job, though they say there are some aspects of his first year that could be better.

"I think that Mr. Trump is great for our country fiscally, maybe not so much morally," Bedford resident Angie Artuhewich said.

Some Donald Trump supporters do not agree with many of the comments the president has made. Macon Putney, a lawyer in Bedford, says the president was simply the best of all the candidates in 2016.

"He does some strange things. Some of his tweets are rather repulsive," he said.

Many wish the last year hadn’t been so much of a whirlwind of information.

"It's been hectic with the news coverage and what is going on. It's been most unpleasant for me to observe," Putney said.

Bedford County voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump, supporting the Republican more than 3 to 1 over Democrat Hillary Clinton. Many supporters say the drama in Washington, particularly disagreements in Congress, are holding the president back.

"He's got good ideas but everyone wants to be a big conflict," Bedford resident Larry Angus said. He voted for Trump in 2016.

Kelly Agee, another Trump voter, agrees.

"It reminds me of fourth grade little girls running around all the time. I think that that needs to stop," she said.

She wanted to see more progress on measures that could lower health care costs and improve care for her family.

And some, who didn’t vote for Donald Trump, are talking about when the end will come.

"I just think he's gotten worse. We need to impeach him," Bedford resident Sylvia Shawver said.

10 News political analyst Dr. Ed Lynch says the president will focus mainly on the strength of the economy tonight and on his successes. Hear more from him tonight on 10 News at 11.

The State of the Union Address will be shown live on WSLS 10 at 9 p.m.