Williamson Road could be getting a makeover

Businesses concerned over ideas considered for Williamson Road

ROANOKE, Va. – The people who work along Williamson Road say it's time for a makeover.

Executive Director Wendy Jones of the Williamson Road Area Business Association says the purpose of the project is to improve safety and make the area more inviting for patrons.

“We want to make it shinier so people will want to come and feel they're welcome,” Jones said.

Sharon Paisley, the owner of AAA Trophies and Frames, is worried about how this might affect her business.

“Traffic is a problem. Our customers complain that they have trouble getting in and out as it is. So I can't imagine what it would be like with only one lane of traffic,” Paisley said.

Jones says the project is purely conceptual at this point.

One possibility is to transform the four lanes into three lanes.

“We would repaint the road exactly as we are acting on it right now, which is a north lane through, a south lane through, and there would be a turn lane,” Jones said.

Currently, WRABA is reaching out to businesses along the corridor to discuss the concept, provide information and generate a meaningful conversation.