City of Lynchburg dealing with a combined sewer overflow due to heavy rainfall.

The city released an alert about the overflow.

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The City of Lynchburg is dealing with a CSO, or a Combined Sewer Overflow.

According to the city's website, a Combined Sewer Overflow happens when the area has increased rainfall.

This means the combined stormwater and wastewater would overflow the pipes.

Lynchburg says its system occasionally overflows and discharges water to nearby streams or the James River due to the pipes' age.

The overflow of water can discharge material high in bacteria into our streams and the James River.

According to the city, the overflow can affect animal life, and pollute the river.

The city sent out an alert today saying the overflow has started, and that it would notify locals 30 hours after the overflow ends.

You can get alerts from the Lynchburg Alerts notification program.