Inclement weather isn't stopping folks from going about their day

Residents in Daleville busy grocery shopping despite extreme cold

BOTETOURT, Va. – While the snow eventually turned into rain, folks in Daleville say that didn't stop them from going about their day.

In the midst of this cold wet rainy weather, Melinda Isley likes to visit the grocery store.

“We're grocery shopping! We actually have milk in our fridge. We're here just stocking up for the week. We also wanted a coffee break,” Isley, of Daleville, said.

Isley admits she's also taking a break from her usually Sunday routine.

“We're supposed to be at church right now, and we skipped it,” Isley said.

Isley wasn't the only customer to hit the shopping center despite all the slippery road conditions.

Thomas Guill came by Kroger to rent a new DVD.

“I had to return a movie, and I had to come out in the weather like this to do it,” Guill said.

Guill he has no problem with the extreme cold, and he doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

I'm still going in and out,” Guill said.

Despite their high spirits, most couldn't deny that driving through the snowy-turned-slushy roads has been rough.

“Driving through the snow is ridiculous,” Christina Thompson of Daleville said.

After several crashes seen on I-81, Thompson is wondering how the roads will look Monday morning.

Thompson, who commutes to Roanoke for work isn't looking forward to the drive.

"Some people do not care that the roads are slick,” Thompson said.

But like the others, Thompson is making the best of a messy situation, and is keeping her fingers crossed for a warmer week to come.

“I hope the snow stops and the roads are cleared before work tomorrow,” Thompson said.