What to do if you receive Facebook message containing child pornography

Facebook accounts across country have received messages in recent days

DANVILLE, Va. – Danville police have a reminder for you if you receive a Facebook message containing child pornography.

As we've reported, television stations across the country have received such messages over the past few days.

So far, the messages only appear to be targeting television stations.

But if you get a message containing child porn the police department says you should delete it and notify Facebook and law enforcement officials.

"Notifying Facebook because it is their platform. So that would be first," Danville Police Department Cpl. Tim Scearce said. "Then, secondly, we would recommend notifying the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children."

If you attempt to send the message to law enforcement officials or save it to share with police, you could face charges for distributing child pornography.

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