Campbell County sheriff losing deputies to higher-paying agencies

Sheriff Hutcherson want residents to contact representatives about pay raise

CAMPBELL COUNTY. Va. – Campbell County Sheriff's Deputy Jonathan Richey has spent the last four years on the road serving warrants or responding to calls. 

“The fewer people you have, the calls don’t stop. The calls keep coming,” Richey said. 

Richey and Sheriff Steve Hutcherson are in a bind. Hutcherson said he’s losing a lot of his deputies to the Virginia State Police. This year, three have already left and two are on the way out. 

“I’ll be losing people who... (have) three, four, five, six, seven years of experience. We’ve invested time and money to get them to that point. Again, I don’t blame state police. They’re paying quite a bit more,” Hutcherson said.

The sheriff shared with 10 News what his deputies starting salary is compared to Lynchburg police and state police. Compare them to how much money each agency tops out and you will see the difference in pay. 

The sheriff said his deputies start off making $34,284 and their top salary is $52,814. He also told us Lynchburg police officers start at $36,795 and top salary $60,028. Hutcherson added Virginia State Police start off making $42,290 and could eventually top out at $76,390.

“The state police deserve every penny they got. But we shouldn’t be that far behind. We’re doing the same job,” Hutcherson said.

Hutcherson says he’s has been to the General Assembly in Richmond asking for a pay raise, but believes his office hasn’t been a priority. He’s now encouraging citizens to contact their local representatives and hopes the state will soon take action, and give his officers the same pay as state police. 

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