Lynchburg City Schools feeling money pinch for next year's budget

City manager requested all departments submit budget with 2% cut

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Lynchburg City Schools is feeling a money pinch.

“We do have a problem trying to balance our budget without the cut from the city or potential cut from the city,” Anthony Beckles, chief financial officer for Lynchburg City Schools, said. 

Last week, 10 News reported on the city manager’s request for all departments to submit a budget that cuts 2 percent of costs. That would mean nearly $2 million fewer dollars for schools, on top of a current shortfall of $750,000.

 “So we have to cut 750,000 to balance out our budget currently with the level funding. So anything less than level-funding that the city does, then that increases the $750,000 to a deeper cut,” Beckles said.

In the plan the district has submitted, it is asking to go back to the $42 million in funding it received from the city in 2016, and to have the city purchase eight new school buses to keep up with its 15-year bus replacement cycle. If this plan is not approved by the City Council after the process begins on March 13, teacher positions could be cut-- something the district is trying to avoid.

“We all need to focus on operating efficiency and make sure whatever decisions we make will affect the children the least. We got to deal with reality. You gotta deal with reality. It’s the way it is,” Dr. Michael Nilles, school board chairman, said.

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