High school students create film campaigning against sexting

Jefferson Forest high school students present 'Exposed' to student body


A group of high school students is campaigning against sexting using a video they’ve created themselves.

“Exposed” is a film written, produced, acted and edited by Jefferson Forest's High School Cyber S.W.A.T team, in which S.W.A.T. stands for "safety while accessing technology."

The 10-minute film was presented to the entire student body in order to raise awareness of the dangers and consequences of sharing explicit photos on the internet.

Chandler Hood directed the film. He wanted the plot to be twofold.

“In a lot of videos, you see the kids taking pictures and you see why they do it.

But you never really see the aftermath, so I wanted to create a story that incorporated both of those,” Hood said.

Student Sarah Detwiler plays Kaitlyn Holt, a character who sends explicit photos to her boyfriend in the film.

“It definitely made me aware of the realities of how raw emotions are, when you're put in a courtroom,” Detwiler said.

One of the concerns addressed was the misconception that somehow sexting is "cool."

“We want to give students a voice. We want to tell kids that it's OK to say no and it's okay to stand against it,” Hood said.

Hood said he hopes students across the nation will stand against sexting.