Liberty University DNA expert to be featured on '20/20'

The professor will discuss his recent findings in 1985 double murder

Credit: Liberty University
Credit: Liberty University

A decades-old double murder making new headlines will be discussed in an upcoming episode of ABC's "20/20."

Dr. J. Thomas McClintock, a Liberty University professor and director of the forensic science program, will be featured in the piece.

Nancy and Derek Haysom were brutally murdered in their Bedford County home in 1985, just a few miles from Liberty's campus. Their daughter, Elizabeth, and her former boyfriend, Jens Soering, were both convicted of murder and are currently serving time in prison.

McClintock began his work on the case last summer. He analyzed the DNA test results of blood found at the scene and believes his findings could lead to Soering's pardon.

Soering confessed to the crimes initially, but later testified that he only did so to cover for his girlfriend. He has since held a claim of innocence.

McClintock has been working closely with investigators and Soering's attorney.

In 2008, McClintock appeared on the Nancy Grace Show to provide his insights on the use of DNA testing in the investigation of missing 3-year-old girl Caylee Anthony. In 2013, McClintock was named among the top 15 DNA analysts in the country by ForensicColleges.com, a leading website on forensics programs across the nation.

Now at Liberty University, McClintock has been working with administration from the School of Law and the Helms School of Government’s criminal justice program to lay the foundation and implement an Innocence Project to exonerate the wrongly convicted through DNA testing.

The episode is slated to air 10 p.m. Friday.