Real life heroes turned '15:17 to Paris' stars

'15:17 to Paris' opens in theaters on Friday

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Three real-life heroes are now playing themselves in Clint Eastwood's new film "15:17 to Paris."

"I take my headphones off, I hear glass breaking, people screaming. I turn around and see the terrorist coming into the train car, picking the AK-47 off the ground and lowering a round into the chamber,” Spencer Stone, plays self in 15:17 to Paris, said.

In August 2015, Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlotos and Spencer Stone were on a high-speed train from Amsterdam to the French capital. A terrorist opened fire on the train, but the men took action, fighting and restraining him, while saving lives.

"When we survived, it wasn't like a 'hallelujah we made it' kind of moment 'cause the adrenaline kind of messes with your brain. We were just trying to handle the situation and deal with one problem after another,” Alek Skarlotos said.

The childhood friends spoke to Liberty University students Friday about the new movie and, most important, they say, the lessons they learned from that life-changing moment. 

"Very rarely do you have a moment, you could be like, 'This was God, and nothing else. I think since then. It's really kind of affirmed our faith in God,” Skarlotos said. 

The childhood friends say they want this movie to minister and encourage people to take action in the moment. 

“The movie does a good job at showing we're three ordinary guys, none of us have experienced anything like that, so it doesn't take military experience or knowledge to do what we did. If you find yourself in that situation we just want people to know that they're capable and extraordinary as well,” Anthony Sadler said.”

"15:17 to Paris" opened in theaters on Friday.

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