Lynchburg residents frustrated by flood damage

Flood causes damage to homes in Lynchburg


The worst of the flooding seems to be over, but some people are still dealing with the impact, including Lynchburg residents whose homes were damaged by the heavy rain.

Wes Green of Lynchburg was looking forward to this day.

“I woke up this morning with at least an inch of water in our basement,” Green said.

Despite the heavy flooding on several roads throughout the area, the father of four kids had plans to go out.

"It's very frustrating, you know? I planned on going to church this morning,” Green said.

His mother, Kathy Green also had flooding in the basement of her home.

While Wes is doing all he can to put his basement back together, his mother believes it won’t be easy to repair her basement, and she plans to hire someone to help.

“I will probably have to have a contractor come in and figure out how to fix my basement,” Kathy said.

Many of the roadways are now clear, and both Wes and Kathy Green are hoping the worst of the flooding is over.