TAP honors distinguished members in the community for Black History Month

ROANOKE, Va – Betty Fennel is not use to the spotlight. She typically works behind the scenes in Salem.

This is why she is being honored today along with five others. Total Action in Progress recognizes the Roanoke Valley's hidden jewels. Fennel is known for her community service and as a second mom to all who know her.

“Honoring me, what did I do,” said Fennel when she heard the news.  Once I heard it was for my community Water Street, I felt really good about that and usually I am recognized for my work for the Carver school reunion.”

Performances and songs were performed to showcase and pay tribute to black history month. 

Organizer Jo Nelson believes the community should know the people dedicated to making it a better place. 

“This event is so important, because I think what we forgot as a community is how rich we are in our history and how many facts and interesting things are here,” said Nelson. 

This is the celebration's 15th year, a tradition for today's generation and tomorrows.

“They are hidden jewels and it's so true the people that are often overlooked are the ones who are the most important,” said attendee Xavier Duckett. “They have laid the foundation for others to come.”