Tree service company offers advice as warm weather settles in

Two people in Pittsylvania County have died in last six months cutting trees

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – If you're thinking about cutting down or trimming some trees during this stretch of unseasonably warm weather, you may want to reconsider.

Tim Moran, owner of Skyline Tree Services LLC in Martinsville, said the safest way to trim or cut down a tree is to let a professional do the work.

He added that he has seen numerous accidents and deaths because people try to trim or cut down trees don't know what they're doing.

Two people have died in Pittsylvania County in the last six months while trying to cut down trees.

"In this area, a lot of trees have fallen on people. They don't get far back away from the tree when they cut it and it falls on people," Moran said. "We've seen a lot of cutting accidents out here where they were cutting the tree and cut their legs. They weren't wearing the safety gear."

If you don't think you can afford to pay a professional, he said he'll consider helping you for free.

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