New Freedom Farm welcomes special visitor in town

Horse trainer brings in three wild mustangs to local rescue farm



The New Freedom Farm welcomed a special visitor in town. 

“We had a really great event take place here. We had a wild mustang trainer who happens to be a United States Army veteran stop by the farm with his wild horses," said Lois Dawn Fritz, founder of the New Freedom Farm.

For the next 100 days, horse trainer Rob West will tame three mustangs from wild to mild.

“My hope is to take another mustang and train them in the best way I know how,” West said.

The U.S. Army veteran is taking on the challenge of competing with the American mustangs at the upcoming Extreme Mustang Makeover in Lexington, Kentucky.

Kari Schindler was one of many who got to share in the excitement as West gave demonstrations at the rescue farm, a place used to treat veterans suffering from depression, anxiety, secondary trauma and more.

“It’s amazing to see the wild mustangs get trained,” Schindler said.

“It’s very exciting because it builds trust and security and a lot of times we as hurting humans have a lack of trust and security, so to see the interaction between the human in the horse,” Fritz said.

West will compete along with other trainers across the country at the Mustang Makeover this June.